Gardener Therapy Goat Milk Cream

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Gardener Therapy Goat Milk Cream helps heal dry, chapped skin.


Gardener Therapy Goat Milk Cream works beautifully to help nourish and heal dry, chapped skin. Use it liberally on hands, feet, elbows as well as your face. Use after too much sun, to help sooth the burn. Never greasy and very penetrating. Not like conventional creams and lotions which only coat the surface, Gardener Therapy Goat Milk Cream soaks into the skin and helps heal damaged cells.

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Weight 2 oz

2 reviews for Gardener Therapy Goat Milk Cream

  1. Carla Padilla

    Love this cream!! It is light and honestly I have noticed a significant improvement on my skin. My wrinkles are not as pronounced and I have not achieved this with expensive over the counter creams. I am so excited to have found this product!

  2. Rita K Carroll

    This is amazing cream. I have had psoriasis since birth, I was given a small container which I started using on the areas of my skin which were not responding to traditional medicine. Obviously because I’m writing this review they cleared up! Last week I burned my arm rather severely on the oven, I slaughtered the cream over it a few days after it happened; in 24 hours it had reduced inflammation, blistering and swelling by over 50%! I am hoping there will be a larger size available soon. Hint hint!

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